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Welcome to Ireland: A small island with a big reputation, breathtaking landscapes and fascinating, friendly people, whose lyrical nature is expressed in the warmth of their welcome.

Nestled in the heart of the country is a haven of picturesque villages, stunning tracks, trails and waterways and brilliant bars and restaurants. Ireland’s rural heartland, which stretches outwards from the banks of the Shannon bisecting the island into its various provinces and counties, has something for every visitor it’s yours to uncover.


Many universities in Ireland rank impressively well at international level, and the country as a whole is understandably a popular choice for international students. The varied selection of higher education institutions combines with historic cities, beautiful countryside and Ireland’s unique culture to make the country a highly attractive study destination

Ireland attracts a large number of foreign students each year due to its excellent reputation for education and welcoming culture. Being part of the EU also helps to make it easily accessible for many students from inside the EU. A further reason for Ireland’s popularity is naturally that the language of instruction is English, making it highly accessible to students from all over the world.

As an EU country, Ireland is open for students from across the EU and EEA member countries to study abroad without visa requirements. This means that less preparation is necessary in view of a period of study in Ireland. However, regardless of what it is you aim to study, and for how long, moving abroad to study is always going to take a little more preparation and forethought than studying at home.

For non EU and EEA citizens, it is advisable to start preparing approximately a year in advance. This is in order to secure a student visa, apply to the schools of your choice, and be able to provide proof that you can afford your living during the period that you intend to stay in the country. Visa requirements vary for each parent country. Each student should take care to apply in advance through the Embassy or Consulate of Ireland in the student’s home country or nearest neighboring country.

 Living Costs

Average living costs may differ somewhat depending on if you choose to study in Northern Ireland or in the Republic as different rules and fees apply.

For study at public institution in the Republic of Ireland, you can use the following guideline costs. These may however vary depending on institution and where you live (city or outside, university or private housing).

Average living costs: 7480 (Euro)

Home students tuition fees (this often includes EU and EEA citizens): Minimum: 0 (Euro)

Foreign students tuition fees: Minimum: 7600 (Euro)

Maximum: 17900 (Euro)


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