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Go on a trip to study in another country always will be a really good opportunity to approach knowledge from another people, from different places, and different cultures, but one thing it’s a must in this situations,  the task of packing and squeezing your life into a suitcase or two.

There will be many different things, and objects that you will want to carry but you will never have enough space for all your things, so you must carry on with the essentials.

Here is a list with the essential things you must have in your suitcase:

1: Documentation: Carry the necessary documentation in a foreign country is very important because it is the way you can identify yourself against any adverse situation either in a hospital, with the police, to do some processing etc. The main thing in these cases is a passport or identity document, in addition to a document that proves what I am going to do in another country, a tourist visa or a visa for students.

2: Personal Items: Phone, Laptop, wallet with foreign money, chargers for any appliances, a book to read, a map of the city, sunscreen, any medication you will need.

3: Clothes: Don’t forget to pack confortable clothes for all climates